Forest Suicide, a Message for Us

That night Taku felt really lonely. The hard work he did for a living. The wealth he earned. Women can easily get in these circumstances. but.. he always knew that there was a big gaping hole in his heart.

That hole is called loneliness…

At first the hole appeared when it lost its mother. Then it became big when his father left him. Not trying to close it, Taku unknowingly enlarges the hole by continuing to work without letting anyone else know his feelings.

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His business associates only know that Taku is a hardworking figure. Get together with colleagues if needed or at an office party. There they have their own problems. They have holes in their own hearts.

Talking about each other is not the best thing to do. They're just going to go back and forth. If he were there today, it could be that he's not there tomorrow. It could be that some of them will easily be found in the suicide forest. Then as usual, they will resume their duties as a worker. They don't know the time to grieve. All there is is time to work.

So now Taku stands at the point where he feels it's the right point to end his struggling life story.

Forest committed suicide. Unlike his name, he seemed so reconciled to Taku.

Now, only loneliness remains in his life. Everything he gathered had no meaning in this life. It works to live or live to work, being a biased question nowadays.

One thing he knows is that everything he achieves does not guarantee him a happy life.

Perhaps all his success and wealth solve some problems, but not all of them. And somehow, in his life no one was able to solve that.

This is where Taku, in Japan's most peaceful place, is back in the arms of his mother and father.

That's where Taku feels peace.

Let others judge what it is about him who chooses such a final path.

But the one he believes in…

He is much happier there than in this world…

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