Forest Suicide, a Message for Us

Taku keeps going. His heart was undaunted as he continued to stall the thread he had originally tied to a tree trunk on the edge of the forest. The thread seems to be a hereditary tradition for people entering this forest, the forest of suicide. Threads become return guides, or death introductions. If Taku had changed his mind, the thread would have led him home. But on the contrary, if Taku gets steadier with his decisions, it will be the last thing he holds to peace.

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Unfortunately, most people who enter the forest prefer yarn as the last thing they hold there. In the forest, Aokigahara, which means a sea of trees, is believed to be the dwelling place of the spirits of the dead. The coolness of the forest, the lush trees, the green as long as the eye can see, as if it is the most ideal place to die. Taku, and his predecessors still judged that this land was the most worthy land to be the last place he was based.

Like a video played, along a thread that has been dangled, Taku continues to see life in his past. She was born to a simple mother and family. His father was just a rough laborer. Not much to expect, Taku went to school at a modest cost. That condition makes him not want to get caught up in such situations.

So he studied diligently. When a child his age plays cheerfully, he chooses to spend his time studying. He was so dear to his father who fought desperately to keep him. Seeing his spirit, his father became more motivated. Similarly, his mother then continued to support him with prayers and good cuisine of course.

Taku continued to learn until he finally always became a class champion. Even when at university he became the best student with the best grades. Seeing all his joys, big companies are even scrambling to establish themselves as a good worker.

Day after day keeps changing. Taku's mother passed away, even before Taku could actually prove that she would be able to raise the level of her parents. Taku's heart is really poignant. He couldn't contain his grief. His elderly father became the only family left for him. Luckily, Taku used to do physical work, so he was still healthy until then.

Soon, Taku's life is colored by the love romance of a girl he accidentally met when he was celebrating the company's success with his co-workers. Month after month he lived, but in the end Taku who is not used to living with a partner since long ago prefers his career over his lover. So become Taku himself again after living a fairly short love story.

Once upon a time for no apparent reason, Taku's father was very ill. Taku fought desperately for his father to be healthy again until finally all his possessions he spent on the cost of his father's care. But God wanted another by taking Taku's father. Taku's hard work has been in vain all along.

With the rest of his life at hand, he chose to vent his grief by working even harder. Deep sorrow was buried deep in his heart without him wanting to share it with anyone. The high workload he continues to face. Slowly but surely, Taku's economic life is improving on its own.

But in one night. With a glass of warm green tea, Taku sits alone in the living room. It was pretty cold tonight for him. The heater couldn't handle the cold either. Also with green tea, quickly follow the situation, be cold and unpleasant. This cold is different. It's a cold that emerges not only from nature, but also from Taku's heart.

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Nara Pandhu
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